Receive Payment

Use this document to record payments your company receives from customers, vendors, owners for certain financial operations.

The receive payment document can be created for the following types of payment:

  • Other income
  • Other receive payment
  • Payment from customer
  • Receipt from currency exchange
  • Vendor refund
Depending on the type of payment selected, the receive payment document impacts the transaction journal, the banking journal, and the customers journal.

Usually, the receive payment document finalizes your sales process and is a sign of closing a sale. In this case, you can create the receive payment document to clear the liability of an unpaid invoice or to record an advance received before goods or services were provided. However, you also use this document to record other received payments that do not directly relate to your sales.   
To go to the Receive payment
1. On the Codejig ERP Main menu, click the Banking tab. 
2. Under the Banking tab, click Receive payment.

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